Has your chosen candidate signed the More for Pets pledge?

In May, Wales will have a new Government and 60 new and returning MSs. We want to send a huge signal to all of them that they must do more for pets in Wales in the next Senedd.

Our companion animals all need better laws to enable them to flourish and protect them from harm. Newly elected MSs will have the power to introduce these laws.

We are calling on everyone who is putting themselves forward to be an MS to pledge to do more for pets in Wales. You will find the candidates that have signed our pledge on this page.

The pledge reads:

I pledge to do:

  • More for pets in Wales in the next session of the Senedd.
  • More to promote the highest standards of welfare so that all pets in Wales can enjoy a happy and healthy life.
  • More to protect pets in Wales from cruelty.
  • More to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

Candidates who have signed the pledge

Richard Taylor

Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Blaenau Gwent

“I’m signing the pledge because pets must be looked after and treated well.”

Richard Taylor

Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

Blaenau Gwent

“I’m signing the pledge because my wife and Are huge animal lovers and have a few at home!”

Wiliam Rees

Plaid Cymru

Cardiff Central

“I’m signing the pledge because Plaid Cymru have a plan to promote high standards of welfare, protect pets from cruelty, and educate the public, through:
• Improving the enforcement and delivery of licensing requirements relating to dog breeding establishments in Wales, building on the recent review of regulations by the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group.
• Improving horse welfare by taking action on equine tethering.
• Review pet vending, focusing especially on the regulation of animals sold online.
• Issuing model tenancy proposals on pets in social housing and work to reduce barriers between homeless pet owners and homeless shelters.
• Supporting the development of statutory codes of practices for the keeping of exotic pets in Wales.
• Ban the keeping of primates as pets.
• End the giving of pets as prizes.”

Captain Beany


Cardiff West

“I’m signing the pledge because I totally abhor any pet cruelly towards those vulnerable and defenceless animals that as human beings we should treat them with both love and devotion.”

Llyr Gruffydd

Plaid Cymru

De Clwyd & Rhanbarth Gogledd Cymru


Paul Rowlinson

Plaid Cymru


“I’m signing the pledge because”

James Wells

Reform UK


“I am an animal lover and the owner of my own pets. If elected I pledge that I will do more for pets to promote the highest standards of welfare. I will ensure pets are protected from cruelty and I will do everything I can to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.”

Luke Fletcher

Plaid Cymru


“I’m signing the pledge because”

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