Pets and Coronavirus: Walking someone else’s dog

Thursday 7th May 2020

Pets provide invaluable companionship, especially at this time. For many dogs, going out for a walk is an important part of their daily routine. However, measures introduced to reduce Coronavirus mean that lots of owners won’t be able to do this, so may be relying on others to help them.

Some of the UK’s most-loved charities have joined forces to offer advice for those volunteering to walk dogs belonging to people who can’t do it themselves during the Coronavirus outbreak and UK-wide lockdown. The group, which includes CAWGW members PDSA, Battersea, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, and the Kennel Club, has developed this guidance to help keep everyone safe.

You can find more information and further guidance here: 

Please also refer to the Welsh Government's Advice to pet owners on how to care for pets during the period of COVID-19 control measures.