Pets and Coronavirus: Comfort in Crisis

Thursday 7th May 2020

CAWGW members collaborate with charities across the UK to provide advice to help owners care for their pets.

Some of the UK’s most-loved charities have joined forces to offer advice and support to help owners care for their animals and each other during the Coronavirus outbreak and UK-wide lockdown.

The group, which includes CAWGW members PDSA, Battersea, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, and the Kennel Club, is concerned about conflicting and poor information which is leaving owners confused and anxious and animals potentially at risk.

We have produced this infographic giving tips caring for pets in different situations, such as how to look after your pet while looking after yourself and how to care for pets while social distancing for everyone to share on social media to help pet owners at this time.

You can find more information and further guidance here:

Please also refer to the Welsh Government's Advice to pet owners on how to care for pets during the period of COVID-19 control measures.