CAWGW statement on the rise in pets being abandoned due to owners facing financial hardship

Tuesday 15th October 2019

Responding to BBC Wales’ story on “Pets being abandoned by owners facing money problems”, the Companion Animal Welfare Group Wales has issued the below statement:

“As a group dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals in Wales, we want pets to live long and happy lives in suitable homes. We’d urge any owners who can no longer cope with their pet to think about seeking the support of a reputable rehoming centre, many of which are run by our member organisations. Whilst changes in circumstances can sometimes be sad and unavoidable, we would ask all potential pet owners to research the responsibilities of pet ownership, including the significant costs associated with being a responsible owner, before committing to getting a pet. The group are keen to collaborate with the Welsh Government to look for ways to work together to alleviate the pressures faced by owners struggling financially.”