Cyngor i helpu perchnogion sy’n poeni am eu hanifeiliaid anwes

Dydd Llun 29 Mehefin 2020

Pet experts have issued joint guidance to Welsh pet owners who may be worried or concerned about their pet during the COVID-19 crisis. Collective efforts across Wales to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have had a significant impact on all our lives. Many of us share our homes with pets, but the current situation can make it difficult to find help if we’re worried about their health and welfare.

This infographic aims to provide trusted advice to Welsh pet owners who may be worried about aspects of their pet’s health and wellbeing.

Here are some useful links:

Welsh Government advice for pet owners:

Advice on pet grooming:

Being aware of pet hazards and poisons:

Preventing pets from escaping:

Maintaining your pet’s diet:

Pet behaviour:

Staying safe around dogs:

Keeping children safe around dogs:


Charities providing help with vet costs by providing free or low-cost treatment:

Blue Cross:



Cats Protection (neutering):


For help and advice with your pet’s behaviour:

Animal Behaviour and Training Council:

Cats Protection:

Dogs Trust:




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