Anifeiliaid Anwes a'r Coronafeirws : Cyngor i helpu perchnogion sy'n poeni am eu hanifeiliaid anwes

Dydd Iau 7 Mai 2020

Collective efforts to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have had a significant impact on all of our lives. Many of us share our homes with pets, but the current situation can make it difficult to find help if we’re worried about their health and welfare. The UK’s best loved national pet charities and experts have come together to try and help.

We have produced this infographic giving tips on what do do if worried about your pet including health, behaviour care. 

You can find more information and further guidance here: 

Please also refer to the Welsh Government's Advice to pet owners on how to care for pets during the period of COVID-19 control measures. 

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